Norwell Middle School

Norwell Middle School:
Derek Sulc, Principal (781) 659-8814; Email:
Terri Marculitis, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8815;


Norwell Middle School services 516 students in grades six, seven, and eight. In sixth grade, students are assigned to teams of two teachers. In seventh and eighth grade, students are assigned to teams of four teachers. English, mathematics, science, and social studies are the core subjects offered on each team. In all classes, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and individual responsibility are emphasized. French, Latin, and Spanish make up our foreign language offerings. Sixth grade students are offered introductory Foreign Language courses that expose them to all three languages. Seventh and eighth grade students are assigned to a two-year formal program in one of the languages. During students’ three years at the middle school, the following exploratory courses are offered: art, band, chorus, coding / computer programming, foods and nutrition, guidance, health education, Introduction to iPad, library, music, physical education, STEM concepts, technology/engineering education, and video production. By utilizing a wide variety of middle school practices, our educational community makes a concerted effort to maintain a delivery system that is student-centered and focused on the unique needs of young adolescents. The Norwell Tiered System of Supports at the middle school level continues to monitor student progress in both English language arts and mathematics as well as in social/emotional development. In addition, as a part of a district 1:1 technology program, all middle school students receive an iPad to support their academic learning and development as digital citizens.