• Student Google Accounts

    School Year 


    Norwell Public Schools has created Google accounts for all K-12 students to allow for collaborative sharing using Google Apps for Education.  These accounts will be used for school-related communication and projects only.  


    Accounts for K-5 students will have access to Google applications only, and will not have access to email.  Accounts for students in grades 6-12 will have access to Google applications including email.  


    No student will be assigned an account without parental or guardian approval. Parents will be asked to provide consent for the use of the student accounts on the Student-Parent Handbook Sign-Off Form. 


    The account naming convention will be: firstname.lastname@students.norwellschools.org.  For example jonathan.smith@students.norwellschools.org.  In the event that two or more students share a first and last name the student's middle initial will be inserted (e.g., johng.smith@students.norwellschools.org).


    New Students will receive log-in and password instructions when they return to school in September .

     to read the Google Student Account Acceptable Use Guidelines