Grace Farrar Cole Elementary School

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Mission Statement

  • The mission of the Grace Farrar Cole School is to promote curiosity, creativity, and opportunities in learning as we strive for excellence. We will promote appreciation of individual learning styles, skills and talents to maximize learning and growth. We will treat all people with dignity, kindness and respect. We will foster intellectual curiosity and risk taking through creative problem solving.

Supply List 2022-2023

  • For the 2022-2023 school year, Cole School is committed to purchasing as many school supplies for students as we can through the school budget. Unfortunately, we will not be able to purchase everything, but we should be able to put a pretty big dent in the class supply lists that families will be asked to purchase.  

    Some teachers request specific items. Please check the grade and teacher below to see if  your child's teacher has a list.  If the teacher is not listed, no list has been requested.

    Supplies Purchased by School
    pencils (standard size and Laddie size for younger children)
    crayons (standard size and jumbo size)
    wide markers
    thin markers
    colored pencils
    glue sticks
    erasers (pencil cap and eraser blocks)
    dry erase markers
    bottles of glue
    single subject notebooks
    composition notebooks

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