Norwell Special Education Parents Advisory Committee Website
    The one thing we have in common is that we are all different...
    The Norwell Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) advocates for children with disabilities in our schools. The SEPAC also strives to provide information and support to the parents of those children. The SEPAC is an autonomous parent organization which collaborates with administrators and educators in our schools and functions in an advisory role relative to special education issues.

    The SEPAC needs the support and participation of parents in order to remain viable. Please attend one of our meetings or contact us.
    Contact A Board Member:

    Cole Elementary School

    Name:    Carol Donovan and Karin Raymond
    Role:     Co-Chairpersons
    E-Mail:  decs111@yahoo.com or klacha74@comcast.net
    Vinal Elementary School
    Name:    Vacant
    Role:    Co-Chairperson


    Norwell Middle School
    Name:    Colleen Kelly
    Role:    Co-Chairperson
    E-Mail:  mcedp@verizon.net
    Telephone: 781-659-1529 

    Norwell High School
    Name:   Vacant
    Role:    Co-Chairperson


    Questions?  Concerns?  Suggestions?
    Email Us at: Norwellsepac@norwellscghools.org