Welcome to Organizational Support!

Mrs. Alicia Johnston

Phone: 781-659-8814 ext. 4223


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Mrs. Alicia Johnston

Room 202

Wednesday Late Nights (2:00-2:45pm)

Day 2 Flex Time (10:00-10:15am)

  • Organizational Support services include helping students organize their papers into folders or binders, organizing digital files on their ipads, or creating individualized homework or study checklists.  


    Organization takes work.  Once you are organized, your things won't stay that way unless you make the effort every day to maintain it.  It doesn't just happen on its own.  This is a place to practice these skills.  Some students need help figuring out how to organize while others have an established system but need the structure of a time and place to organize their things independently.


    Students can come and go on Wednesday late nights as needed as long as there is another teacher whose late night they can attend before/after attending Organizational Support.  If attending during Day 2 flex, it would be appreciated if students communicated that they are planning on coming to see me beforehand and they let their flex time teacher know where they are going first. 


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