• School Sponsored Organizations

    School Improvement Councils:  The Education Reform Act of 1993 mandated that school councils be formed at every school. 
    A school council has a role in shaping the policies and programs of the schools.  The school council is comprised of the principal,
    teacher representatives, parent representatives, and a community representative, and at the secondary level, students. 
    These groups meet monthly to review school budgets, formulate school improvement plans, and advise the school principal.

    Special Education Parent Advisory Council:  The Special Education Parent Advisory Council (SEPAC) is a district-wide
    organization of parents that supports the total special education community.  The SEPAC members provide guidance and
    assistance to parents, staff, the community and special needs students.  Parents may contact the school or the Student Services
    office for program information. Click Here for the SEPAC website

    Booster Organizations

    Norwell High School Boosters:  The Norwell High School Boosters is an association formed to advocate for the importance of athletics
    for all students, build awareness in the community of the many competitions and events that occur for our student-athletes, and raise funds
    through community volunteer involvement to support the athletic programs of Norwell Public Schools.  For more information, please visit
    the Norwell High School Boosters website.

    Parent Organizations

    Parent-Teacher Organization:  Our school has an active parent-teacher organization that provides support for programs
    and educational and extracurricular activities that benefit all students at our school. The PTO provides grants to teachers for
    classroom activities and to enhance curriculum. The PTO serves as a communication forum for parents, administration and staff.
    The PTO holds monthly meetings and all parents are invited to attend. For more information contact the Principal’s office or consult
    the school PTO web page for calendar and organization information.   


    Community Organizations

    Norwell Education Foundation (NEF):  The Norwell Education Foundation (NEF) is a non-profit corporation whose purpose is to support
    educational activities and programs that encourage academic excellence for all students in the Norwell Public Schools.  Annually, NEF grants
    are awarded to Norwell Public Schools educators on a competitive basis.  Programs throughout the grade levels (PreK-12) have received
    support from NEF. Visit the NEF website

    Norwell Arts:  The Norwell Arts is a parent association formed to advocate for the importance of arts education for all students, build awareness in the community of the many arts performances and events that occur in our schools, and raise funds to support art, theatre, and music programs of the Norwell Public Schools. Norwell Arts Website

    Norwell Beautification Committee

    Friends of Norwell

    Norwell Public Library

    Norwell Recreation

    The James Library