• Welcome to Ms. Decoteau's 4th Grade Class! 

    Ms. Decoteau
    3rd Grade Teacher
    William G. Vinal School 
    (781) 659-8820 ex:  

     Dear Families,

          I would like to officially welcome your children to the  grade!  I am absolutely thrilled to be their teacher.  I understand that they are the most important people in the world to you and I am honored to have the responsibility of caring for them. This is a position I do not take lightly.  

           I feel so incredibly fortunate to be accepted into this inspiring and compassionate team of teachers at Norwell.  Before I found my passion as a teacher, I was a commercial producer for three years in New York and Boston.  After much soul-searching, I followed my heart and graduated from Boston College with my Master's in Elementary Education.  I had spent many summers as a sailing instructor and viewed my time working with those students as some of the most important and meaningful moments of my life.  

          I am so grateful to have had some amazing mentors and role models throughout my educational career.  I work very hard to always be cognizant that students are like sponges and even the most seemingly trivial moments may be remarkable through their wide-eyes.  I will work very hard every day to take the best care of your children that I possibly can.  I will spend the year learning and growing with them.  I intend to do everything in my power to be a teacher who supports and guides your children throughout this exciting journey of fourth grade!   

          If you have any insight or information that you would like to share with me, please feel welcome to pass that along at any time.   I will email home on a regular basis with updates and information you will need throughout the year.   I hope that you and your families enjoyed a wonderful summer!  I look forward to hearing stories on the first day of school about the many adventures your children have experienced.  I spent my summer on Nantucket as the Junior Program Director at Great Harbor Yacht Club.  It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot by instructing both children and adults.  

          Thank you for your valuable time.  I very much look forward to meeting you and working with your children! 


          Thank you,

          Shauna Decoteau