• NHS: Senior Internship Program


    2020 Senior Internship Timeline


    Internship Administrator: Mr. Matthew Marani
    If you are interested in participating in an internship with a teacher from another school within the Norwell Public School District please click on the following link to find a list of teachers interested in hosting an intern. You can only request participation with teachers on this list, please do not contact teachers that are not on this list. Please be aware that positions may fill and you are not guaranteed a position with one of the teachers on this list. 


    You must complete both parts of the application before the deadline to be eligible to participate in our internship program. 
    Internship Application: Part I (updated 10/8/2019 with corrected calendar)
    Part II: Complete Online After Part I is Complete (Use Part I: You must be signed into your Norwell Schools email account to complete Part II)

     Please click on the Following Link for internship ideas from the Company Database. (Updated 10/8/2019)

    Commonly asked Q & A:
    • When is the 2-Part Application due?                       2/26/2020  by 5:00pm
    • What weeks do the Internship program run?               Starts 4/6/2020 and Ends 5/29/2020
    • How many hours am I required to work?                     30 Hours per week
    • How many hours must I work per day?  Its up to you and your company as long you work 30 hours per week. 
    • What about if I take AP Courses?  Subtract five hours per week for each AP course you take.


    • Do I have to attend class after my AP exam? Yes unless you have had the increase in internship hours as part of the original application.


    • What do I do when school has a half day? You work the agreed upon hours per week and schedule regardless of half days. 
    • Do I have to work over April Vacation? No, interns only work during the weeks that you are required to be in school
    • Can I work over April Vacation and end a week early? No, you cannot end a week early.


    • Do I reduce my hours during a week that includes a holiday?  No, because you create your own schedule with each job supervisor, you must continue to work the agreed upon hours, satisfying the 30 hours per week responsibility. 


    • Can I miss internship hours to go on a senior trip with my friends or family? No, you must complete 30 hours per week, every week, except April Vacation.


    • Can I be paid for working at my internship? No, you cannot be paid for any of the 30 hours per week. 


    • Can I work for my parents company?  You cannot report directly to your parents as the Company Supervisor
    • Can I work for my parents company based out of our house? No, you must report to a location outside of your current residence
    • Do I have to do a presentation?  Yes, all students must give a presentation based on the internship scoring rubric
    • How do I sign up for a presentation time?  Your teacher sponsor will select the time. Please contact your teacher sponsor for schedule information
    • What do I do after my presentation? You must finish that week of work and journal entries


    • Can I work at the same company as multiple peers? When three or more students apply to work for the same company, those applications are declined. Those students can appeal that decision, according to the timeline, explaining how the company can effectively manage that volume of students in a productive and learning manner. 


    • What about my friend working with me at a Norwell school?  Though multiple students will be approved to work in a school building, no more than one student will be permitted to a single classroom teacher. 


    • Do I have to complete a journal?  Yes, you must complete a digital journal entry for each day you work. 


    • Can I complete my journal with a partner? No, each student submit in their own individual journal regardless of internship.


    • How much do I write for my daily journal? Each day you must answer all questions and write one entry consisting no less than ten sentences.


    • Where is the digital journal located? The digital form is located above and on the high school homepage. 


    • How do I record my hours worked? You will record your hours as part of your journal digital submission.
    • Do I have to write goals for my internship?  Yes you need a minimum of two goals listed on your application. This will be a question during your presentation. 


    • What happens if I do not complete my hours, journal, or presentation?  You will not be eligible for graduation until you have completed all three components.