• Every parent/guardian is issued an account on the Aspen Parent Portal. If you need assistance accessing your account on the Aspen Parent Portal, please contact Kathy Lynch, our data and information specialist at kathleen.lynch@norwellschools.org.
    Under the Family tab on the portal, the following information is available: demographic information, contact information, daily attendance, health office information, current schedule, progress reports, and report cards.
    Under the Academics tab on the portal, parents can view students’ assignments and grades as well as their current average. While many teachers
    update grades in Aspen regularly, teachers are not required to use the Aspen system to manage their daily grades; therefore, if your child’s teacher does not use Aspen, current grades and averages will not be visible. Questions regarding a teacher’s use of the Aspen Parent Portal, should be directed to that individual teacher.
    Click here for more detailed information about using the Aspen Parent Portal.