• Welcome to Film Club

    Advisors: Mr. Craig Belmore and Dr. James Carey

    This group's primary objective is to bring film lovers together to discuss film, film writing, and the craft of making a movie.


    Who can join? Any student in good standing (see the Student/Parent Handbook for the definition of good standing), or any faculty member.


    What is the time commitment? The club meets once every week from 2:45 to 3:30 on a day to be announced at the first meeting.


    Is there a fee to participate? Yes. There is a $20.00 participation fee. 


    Notables: Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Martin Scorsese, Alfred Hitchcock 


    Planned Meeting Dates: TBA after the first meeting. We generally do not meet during the last week of a term. 


    Clips should be school appropriate and no more than 5 minutes long. We will continue to grow the list of themes below and agree together on the focus will be on the TBD dates above.


    Suggested themes for future dates: (Please feel free to email ideas to me or to Mr. Carey)


    Iconic 80's movies


    Opening Scenes

    Closing Scenes

    Silent Movies

    Favorite Actors

    Epic Death Scenes 

    Film Criticism

    Love it / Hate it movies

    Remakes versus Originals

    Animation (both hand-drawn and computerized)


     Meeting Notes: The Board of Director assigned as secretary will keep this linked page updated.