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    Integrity: The focus allowing us to be true to ourselves and others.

    1. A student cites all sources used in an essay or research paper and submits only her own original work.

    2. A parent supports and pushes his child to honor a commitment made, even when the student wants to quit.

    3. A parent contacts the school when his/her child has acted in a manner which violates academic and social rules.

    4. A teacher sets and meets his deadlines for graded work just as he expects his students to meet their deadlines.

    Learning: The path to personal growth throughout our lives.

    1. An administrator focuses on what a student can learn from a disciplinary situation more than on punishment.

    2. A parent helps her student consider what can be learned from a situation of failure – be it getting cut from a team or cast, losing an election or coming up short on a test, lab, project or essay.

    3. A student has a chance to reflect upon and articulate what he has learned from a particular event, accomplishment, project, and to receive specific feedback from a teacher, coach, director or advisor.

    Respect: The willingness to be civil, open-minded, and tolerant.

    1. A teacher recognizes and accommodates a student's identified special needs.

    2. A student comes to class with the required materials (books, pens, paper, etc…)

    3. A teacher starts and ends class on time.

    4. A parent plans family vacations around the school calendar.