Name:Matthew Roberge
    Phone: 781-659-8823 Ext 4152

    Class Twitter Account: @3Roberge 

    Important Dates

    • 5/6 Bay Colony Presentation 
    • 5/7 Community Meeting 
    • 5/9 Early Release 
    • 5/10 Math MCAS Day 1 
    • 5/13 Math MCAS Day 2 
    • 5/16 Tour of Norwell Field Trip 
    • 5/22 Norris - Fitness Field Trip 
    • 5/27 No School - Memorial Day 
    • 5/28 Jessica Kensky Author Visit 
    • 5/29 Art Show 
    • 5/30 Early Release 
    • 5/30 American Revolution Presentation 


    MCAS Schedule 

    • 4/11 and 4/12 ELA MCAS 
    • 5/10 and 5/13 MATH MCAS


    Hello 3R Students and Families,


    Wow! It is hard to believe that it is already March! It has truly been a pleasure working with your children. I am excited to see what we learn next!


    Who is Patricia Polacco? 

    Our readers have been engaged in an author study of Patricia Polacco. Within small book groups, they are analyzing characters, setting, theme and much more. At the end of this author study, they will be able to discuss common themes, characters and plot structures between her books. Together, we read Junkyard Wonders there was not a dry eye in the classroom. Such a powerful read! 


    It’s My Opinion!

    Our final writing unit of the year is opinion writing. Each of our students will explore how to develop their thoughts and opinions with appropriate reasons and evidence. In order to instill a sense of structure, our students will learn about TREE (Topic, Reasons, Evidence and Ending). Additionally, our students will also be thinking about their audience and how this plays an important role when creating an opinion-writing piece. Recently, our students have chosen the piece that they would like to take through the publishing process. Since then, we have practiced "talking directly to our audience." Additionally, we have become more mindful of how to edit while writing rather than saving all the editing/revising until the end. We began this process by double checking our spelling. 


    Give Me Half! 

    We have recently begun our unit on fractions. This unit is comprised of many different skills. For example, students will learn that a whole can be divided into equal parts, and that each piece (e.g. 1/3) is a fraction that represents 1 portion of the whole. Students will apply their understanding of number lines by ordering and comparing fractions. Also, our third graders will need to identify the fraction that best matches a provided picture or model. Additionally, students are expected to know how to identify equivalent fractions to ½. Finally, our students will use what they know about fractions to compare them either through a common numerator or common denominator. As our fraction unit has progressed, our students have also been able to identify fractions on a number line. They extended their learning by creating fraction line plots. Their enthusiasm for fractions is great!  


    “One if by land, Two if by sea”

    Are you a loyalist or a patriot? Our third graders are immersed in their final social studies unit of the year, The Events Leading up to the American Revolution. This is truly one of my favorite topics of the year. Together, we will be learning about taxation without representation, the Boston Massacre, The Boston Tea Party, The Battles at Lexington and Concord and so much more. The third grade team has worked closely with the Cole PTO to enrich this unit with varied experiences. For example, we will be participating in a field trip to the Boston Tea Party Museum, and the Bay Colony Educators will be conducting a rich in-school presentation. Thank you so much to the Cole PTO for your support. We have now chosen who we would like to research from this time period. The presentation is scheduled for Thursday, May 30. I am excited to see the final products.  


    I believe that a strong connection between home and school is a vital part of each student’s success. In addition to this teacher page, I will also be using email, Twitter and monthly newsletters to share all that is happening in Room 5. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the year. My email and phone information can be found at the top of this page.


    Specials Schedule (Tuesday – Friday from 1:00 to 1:45)

    Tuesday – Library

    Wednesday – Music

    Thursday – Physical Education (Remember to wear sneakers)

    Friday – Art