Name:Matthew Roberge
    Phone: 781-659-8823 Ext 4152

    Class Twitter Account: @3Roberge 

    Important Dates

    • 1/2 Welcome Back 
    • 1/7 Community Meeting 
    • 1/7 SSNSC Habitats Lesson 
    • 1/21 No School - Martin Luther King Jr. Day 
    • 1/31 Early Release - Professional Development 


    Hello 3R Students and Families,


    Wow! I cannot believe that the first four months of third grade have already come and gone! I am excited to share the 2018-2019 academic year with your wonderful children. 


    Non-Fiction? What's That? 

    Within English Language Arts (ELA) we are transitioning from fictional literature into our non-fiction unit of study. Here, students will use a wide variety of resources to deepen their understanding of this rich genre. Students will be able to study various non-fiction text structures (e.g. descriptive, sequential, comparison as well as cause and effect). Additionally, students will deepen their understanding of text features (e.g. headings and captions) used within non-fiction resources. Along with various structures and features, our third graders will also practice and deepen their skills related to main idea and detail, point of view, author's bias as well as author's purpose. This non-fiction unit will also follow us into Writer's Workshop. Students will write informative pieces that convey their understanding and expertise on a personally chosen topic. Within their writing, students will still be expected to provide a sense of an introduction and closing while also including appropriate details. Spelling, punctuation and sentence fluency will again be incorporated as meaningful and important writing tools. 


    Animals Through Time 

    After finishing our social studies on Massachusetts, we will be immersing ourselves in our third science unit of the year, Animals Through Time. Within this unit, our scientists will be exploring topics such as habitats, heredity, environmental change, selection, variation as well as fossil classification. I cannot wait to get started!


    Box of Hope and Inspiration

    Throughout the month of December our third graders will be engaged in an exciting project. In the spirit of the holiday season, our class will be creating “Boxes of Hope and Inspiration.” Each child will create one Box of Hope and Inspiration for a classmate.  We will quietly and secretly observe this person in school, looking for things about our box buddy that will inspire us. Some of this project will be done at school, but some will also need to be done at home. A letter will be coming home shortly explaining the project. The Box of Hope and Inspiration is due on Wednesday, December 19, 2018.


    Wow, I can divide! 

    Our third graders did a wonderful job exploring all of the conceptual models of multiplication. Now, our students will be using this understanding to develop their skills in division. Similar to multiplication, we will be studying various ways in which division can be represented. This practice will not only develop skills in division, but it will further enrich their understanding of multiplication. Due to the fact that we are continuing to develop conceptual understanding, any at home math fact practice should continue to be addition and subtraction only. Multiplication fact practice will start soon.


     I believe that a strong connection between home and school is a vital part of each student’s success. In addition to this teacher page, I will also be using email, Twitter and monthly newsletters to share all that is happening in Room 5. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns throughout the year. My email and phone information can be found at the top of this page.


    Specials Schedule (Tuesday – Friday from 1:00 to 1:45)

    Tuesday – Library

    Wednesday – Music

    Thursday – Physical Education (Remember to wear sneakers)

    Friday – Art