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    Welcome to Our Class Website
    Veronica Williamson
    Grade Four 

    Welcome to our classroom webpage.  I am proud to share this school year marks my 22nd year teaching!    I began teaching in 1997 when I was hired by Brookline Public Schools right out of a graduate program from Simmons College.  There I taught second grade for one year and was then moved up to fourth grade.   I've been teaching fourth since then and love it! In 2000, I got married, moved to Duxbury,  and decided to look for a job closer to my home on the South Shore.  The following year, I accepted a fourth grade position at Cole and have never looked back.    I have become very fond of the Cole community and the entire staff is like a second family to me.  The Cole School holds a special place in my heart.  
    You may be feeling a little nervous, but you are not alone.  The beginning of school is always an exciting time for teachers too.  Fourth grade is a year when your child will  become more responsible and independent.  It's year a when children develop many valuable study skills, work habits,  a stronger work ethic, and lifelong social skills too.   I hope you and your child are up for the thrills, challenges, and discoveries of fourth grade.  I'm excited about the year ahead, and I am looking forward to working with you.   If at any time you have any questions or concerns,  please do not hesitate to contact me either by email or phone.  
    This webpage is meant to give you the following:

    Class Updates
    Information about important events and dates to remember
    Links to educational sites to support the classroom learning
    Class photos  
    I hope you will find it to be a helpful home/school connection resource.  
    Having said that, I know you will probably want to hear all about fourth grade and the daily happenings in the classroom.  I realize getting your child to talk about the school day isn't always easy, so I designed a page called Ask Your Child.  Each week I will post a few "Ask Your Child" phrases that you can use as a springboard for a discussion about school with your child. 
    One school behavior that is very important to me is effort. I have high expectations for every child, parent, and myself!  Years ago a colleague I came to adore and  respect shared this chant with me, and now it's one of my many classroom mantras...
     "Good, better, best,
    Never let it rest,
    Make your good better,
    And your better BEST!"
    Being the best YOU takes a lot of hard work and effort!   Here are three motivational quotes from famous people about hard work and effort.  What do these quotes mean to you?  Research them and find out who said them.
    "Continuous effort-not strength or intelligence-is the key to unlocking our potential." 
    "When you come to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on."
    "It's not that I am smart, it's just that I stay with problems longer."