• Technology: 21st Century Schools for 21st Century Students...

    Norwell Public Schools has made considerable progress in the area of technology. We have identified the instructional and administrative tasks currently being completed with technology, associated technologies used in the performance of these tasks and activities, and the emerging technologies that we will be utilizing in the years ahead. We continue to explore how technology can be used in our schools and have begun to map out possible ways for its expansion.


    In the Norwell 2001 project, we focused on building the administrative and student network backbones, creating technology-rich classrooms and labs, developing a K-12 Technology Scope and Sequence, identifying and implementing technology-enriched learning activities, and upgrading to a consistent Student Information Management System. After a more recent Technology Replacement and Upgrade Study, we began to purchase and install interactive whiteboards and upgrade teacher workstations in order to provide students with classrooms equipped for the 21st century.


    In Norwell Public Schools' strategic plan, there are action plans relating to digital portfolios, a student assessment database, a data warehouse, a digital curriculum warehouse, electronic communication, and websites and multi-media opportunities. We are now looking for both mass access and mobility by investigating cloud computing and wireless platforms, netbooks and other hardware options, and the use of social media in the classroom. Therefore, our immediate technology efforts will be focused on web-based applications and online collaboration. However, we will soon re-examine our technology curriculum to ensure our students effectively utilize their technology and media skills, keeping in line with our current overarching goal: To ensure that all students acquire a defined set of technology concepts and skills that can be periodically demonstrated through benchmark activities and products throughout their K-12 education.

    Stay tuned!