Welcome to Your Classroom - Room 25        

     Teacher: Ms. Elsbeth Getto for Mrs. Uhlman     

    Specialist Schedule for 3U:
    Monday-Instructional Technology with Mr. Tinker
    Tuesday-Art with Mr. Menice
    Wednesday-Library/Media with Mrs. McGarry (please remember library books)
    Thursday-Music with Mrs. Gagnon (please bring recorders)
    Friday-Physical Education with Mr. Thornton (please remember sneakers)

     October Important Upcoming Dates

    • October 1 - Community Meeting 
    • October 5 - No School (Professional Development) 
    • October 8 - No School 
    • Octobr 15 - Field Trip to Scituate Lighthouse and Maritime Museum 
    • October 22 - Channel 4 Meteorologist Pamela Gardner cancelled
    • October 31 - "Wacky Wednesday" and Early Release - Professional Development Day 


    Readers Workshop/Shared Reading Experience

    During Reader's Workshop, students will be taking part in a shared reading experience in class of The Storm by Cynthia Rylant. This  text will be the focus of our readers workshop as we learn the elements of a fictional story. Students will be learning to identify and explain inside and outside character traits, finding and understanding a story's problem and solution, central message/theme and settings. We have the field trip to the Scituate Lighthouse and the Maritime Museum on October 15th where students will have the opportunity to see and explore an actual lighthouse after reading "The Storm".

    Narrative Writing/Small Moment Stories

    In writing, our first unit on Narrative Writing is in full swing. We began by discussing the difference between small moments (seed stories) and watermelon stories.  As you have seen from homework, students are developing ideas on different seeds to build their stories from.  We have worked through all stages of the writing process and students have been peer editing and helping their partner in developing unique writing goals and helping them learn how to meet these goals.

    Math and Math Workshop Model

    In math we started our year with a graphing unit. Students learned about line plots, bar graphs and pictographs. We used data gathered throughout this unit as a way to help to build our classroom community.  

    Our next unit is on adding, subtracting, rounding and place value. Using Number Talks and Number of the Day, we are working on showing one another strategies and approaches in understanding and working through math word problems and computational problems.  We practice our learned strategies through our math workshop model.

    Map Skills and Weather

    We have been continuing our understanding of maps and globes from second grade, as we turn our focus on weather and climate.  Students will be able to understand and identify the differences between weather and climate, as well as types of hazardous weather.  We will learn about all of these topics through non-fiction reading sources such as; our science textbook, articles, videos and our engaging Mystery Science program.