Welcome to the Norwell Food

    Service Program


    Welcome to the Office of Food Services!

       Recently, the Massachusetts Commonwealth has taken the most proactive stance in the country to support healthier eating options for students and put an end to childhood obesity while creating good eating habits. We have been hard at work, especially within the last year to comply with these new laws and standards that the state has set for public schools. 
       The Norwell Public Schools Food Service Program meets the guidelines and regulations of the National School Lunch Program. Our Food Service Program currently offers a complete nutritional lunch to all student's on a daily basis. We have made many changes through out the year and will continue to do so in an effort to help improve the community as a whole.
       Within the last few months we are very proud to say that both the Cole and Vinal Schools have received the USDA's Healthier Challenge (HUSSC) Bronze Award. This is a very prestigious award that recognizes schools that have created healthier school environments. This has been done through improvements that are being made in the quality of the food while providing both nutrition and physical education to promote healthy lifestyles. The HUSSC plays a vital role in the "Let's Move!" program, created by Michelle Obama. The goal is to prepare the schools in the meal pattern changes developed by the USDA. Only a select 5% of schools throughout the U.S. are certified and have received this award.  
      In more recent news we would also like to announce our decision to participate in the state wide Harvest of the Month campaign. Each month a new harvest crop is chosen and incorporated into the menus as much as possible. The goal of this program is to support local farmers as well as further improve our school lunches. To read more about this see our Farm to School tab on the left hand side of this page.  
       We are very proud of the improvements that are being made in the Norwell Schools Food Services and hope to work our way towards an even healthier community. We invite you to learn more about the Office of Food Services either by exploring our website, clicking a link to the left, or by contacting the Office directly at 781-659-8800 extension 36.
    sign made by the cole school students
    Judy Crooks
    Director of Food Services 
    (781) 659-8800 ext 1036  
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