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    Elisabeth MacDougall, BS RN
    School Nurse
    Grade: Pre-K - 5
    Phone: 781-659-8823
    NEW Fax#: 781-659-2850



     Kindergarten and New Students


    "Welcome to the Grace Farrar Cole School!  You are going to love coming to school."



    Immunizations for entry to Kindergarten and as a New Student include the following:

    5 doses of DTaP
    4 doses of Polio
    3 doses of Hepatitis B
    2 doses of MMR
    2 doses of Varicella Vaccine
    or physician documentation of varicella disease (chicken pox). 

    *Please include an updated copy of your child's recent physical examination form.* 

    Please review the new CDC infographic about preventing the spread of Enterovirus D68. 


    Always keep your child home if they are sick.  

    Students with a fever must be fever free for 24 hours without medication before returning to school.

    If they have vomitted, they may only return when they have been vomit FREE for 24 hours.


    Parents of all 4th grade students - please send me a copy of your child's latest physical examination.  



    Massachusetts Department of Public Health  617-983-6821