April 2020

Hello April with flowers
  • Hi everyone,


    April is here! And what a strange April it is. I hope that you are staying healthy and finding some joy in this unique time. Take care of yourselves and each other- physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually...we will get through this together! 

    I adapted this helpful set of reframed thoughts from something I saw on social media:

    Mindset Shift 

    I'm stuck at home --> I get to be safe in my home and spend time with loved ones.

    I will get sick --> I will practice social distancing, hand washing, and self-care, and this will significantly decrease my chances of getting sick. 

    Everything is closed, I'm panicking --> The most essential places are still open, I can make a plan and get what I need.

    There is too much uncertainty right now --> I can't control this situation, but I can control my actions. Breathing, calling loved ones, getting good sleep and nutrition, and doing things I enjoy at home will help me feel better.



    The elementary level counselors and I have developed a resource document, but we know that you are being inundated with information. We will share more as time goes on, but some highlights are currently on the main page at www.norwellschools.org under "RESOURCE LINKS FOR COVID-19 SUPPORT AND SELF CARE." 

    Please know that all district counselors continue to be available for you, just send any of us an email if and when you need us. I would also love any "just saying hi!" messages, I really miss seeing the kids every day! You can reach me at anne.walsh@norwellschools.org. 



    Mrs. Walsh