November 2019

thankful words and leaves
  • November already?! Students, teachers, and families, we have made it through almost 2 months of school already! I love November for it's focus on gratitude, which is one of the best antidotes to anxiety, depression, and just cold-weather blues. Try listing three things you're grateful for each day before going to sleep to develop that attitude of gratitude all year!


    Some things to remember in November:


    On November 19th, join other families and staff to see Angst, a documentary about understanding and coping with anxiety in childhood and teenage years. The film is intended for anyone ages 14+, and will be shown at 7 pm in the NHS auditorium. I saw it last year and highly recommend it!


    My classroom lessons this month will focus on Social Thinking and Superflex, both are curricula from Michelle Garcia Winner. Students in grades K-2 will learn about social skills, expected and unexpected behavior, and paying attention to others' words and actions in order to respond appropriately to them. 


    NTSS screening

    NTSS stands for Norwell Tiered Systems of Support. You will receive a letter from NPS about this process, but in short, teachers will be completing a screener that allows myself and Leah Ciolkosz, school psychologist, to form small groups for targeted social-emotional interventions. Groups will start in January, last 6-8 weeks, and can focus on social skills, anxiety coping skills, friendship skills, and more, depending on the needs of the students. We are looking forward to supporting students in this format!


    Thanksgiving and holiday gift wish lists:

    If you need support getting a Thanksgiving meal for your family, need winter coats/clothing, or need support getting holiday gifts for yourself and your family, please let me know ASAP! This information is strictly confidential between you, me, and the Friends of Norwell administrator. The Friends of Norwell supports us in getting these resources to you, if needed!


    The upcoming holidays and breaks from school can be hard in a variety of ways, especially if your family or student has experienced a loss, divorce/separation, illness, a move, economic hardship, or even just because it's a break in the routine of going to school. I've added new "helpful links" that deal with this topic, and you are always welcome to reach out if you have concerns or questions.

    The end of daylight savings time (the dreaded more dark hours than light) can also impact our own and our children's health and mood. Tips for how to "winterize" ourselves are also on the helpful links page. 



    Mrs. Walsh