Hello May over flowers


  • Happy Spring! Plants are in bloom, the days are brighter, and we are in our last full month of school!


    Here are some highlights this month:


    Social-emotional lessons about kindness, managing emotions, and friendship

    MCAS finishes up in grades 3-5

    Transition planning for middle school starts for fifth graders


    Some ongoing resources I'd like to highlight:

    The PeaceWalk. Ask your student if they've used it yet! The PeaceWalk is a 12' long mat that kids roll out on the ground, with 7 squares on each side. On each square is a step of conflict resolution, and the kids walk down the path working through their conflict until they meet in the middle and shake hands! It has become a popular way to work out misunderstandings, arguments, and hurt feelings. 

    Yoga Ed- a great channel on Youtube with short, do-able yoga sequences for a range of needs (focus, gratitude, anxiety, test-taking, sleep, etc). I screened a chair yoga video in 3rd-5th grade classes so they had some stretches to do during MCAS breaks, and they seemed to love it! There's a link posted in "Helpful Links."


    As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns about your student!


    Mrs. Walsh