Winter 2018-19

winter in small town
  • Winter is here! So many activities fill up our days in and out of school this season, so get plenty of rest and enjoy this time! There are updated links to your left with seasonally-appropriate information, like grief over the holidays, transitioning in and out of school breaks, etc. Here is what else is coming up in guidance in December and January!

    Guidance lessons:

    - Superflex (lessons about social thinking and behavior) in grades K-2

    - Finishing up conflict managers lessons in 5th grade

    - Personal Safety and Sexual Abuse Prevention (Grades K, 2, and 4) **Please note,** this topic relates to children understanding what is and is not appropriate physical contact, and what to do if they are being directly impacted or know of a situation where another child is being harmed. This will obviously be done in an age-appropriate and sensitive way, but this is serious and sometimes troubling subject matter for kids. Kindergartners and second graders will be read "I Said No" by Kimberly King, and fourth graders will be read "The Kid Trapper" by Julia Cook, each book will include a discussion and time for questions. Please reach out to me with any concerns or questions, 781-659-8823 ext 1111 or You will be informed again before your child's class has a lesson on this topic.

    - Puberty Night (5th grade)- this event is done in conjunction with parents, myself, and the school nurse. Stay tuned for details!

    - NTSS (Norwell Tiered Systems of Support) groups- teachers were asked in November to tier their students in terms of social-emotional concerns like anxiety, self-regulation, making friends, sadness, etc. The data has been compiled and the school psychologist and I will be forming groups based on needs. These groups are hopefully starting in January, and will run for 6-8 weeks. You will receive a consent form if the school feels your child could benefit from one of these groups. 


    Reminder, we are celebrating this holiday season with 12 Days of Holiday Spirit dress up days, starting December 6th with Tinsel Day! On December 21st, we will be hosting a pajama drive where students can bring in a new pair of pj's for a child in need (and wear their own PJ's to school!) Please consider helping us with this effort!



    Mrs. Walsh