Welcome to June!

  • Wow, what a year!! We had a full year of fully in-person learning, with some COVID protocols, but much more like things were before the pandemic. I continue to be so impressed with the kids and their flexibility and resilience!

    In our weekly Social-Emotional Learning time, we had such great conversations at each grade level about each of the CASEL core competencies- self-awareness, self-management, responsible decision making, relationship skills, and social awareness- plus we went through the Second Step Bullying Prevention curriculum. Cole students are kind, curious about themselves and each other, and conscientious, and I hope you continue these conversations throughout the summer. They have learned how to be upstanders and I know they will extend this knowledge to their out-of-school lives! There are great links to your left that can help.

    Enjoy the end of the school year and all the celebrations that come with it, and have a wonderful summer!

    Mrs. Walsh 





Lucy from Charlie Brown sitting in a pool