Student Transportation Information 2021-2022

  • In order to continue providing full school bus transportation service, the Norwell School Committee has instituted bus fees to partially offset the cost of providing transportation for grades 7 through 12 students.  The Bus Fee for this 2021-2022 school year is $250 with a $500 family cap if paid by July 1, 2021.  After that date, the fee is $300 with a family cap of $600.  See Bus Fees for more information.

    There is no fee for students in grades K through 6 and registration is not required. 

    If your student is not taking the bus, please notifiy Janet Asnes at  

    Regular student transportation is provided by First Student Transportation.  Transportation for students with disabilities is coordinated by the Office of Student Services  and is arranged on an individual basis. For more on transportation for students with disabilities, contact: Lucy Jenkins, Office of Student Services, Phone: 781-659-8800 ext. 1026

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