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    Name:  Mrs. Lora Marcella Rantz
    Grade: 5 Cole School
    Phone: 781-659-8823

    Dear Parents and Students,


    Welcome to the fifth grade Room 17.  I am truly looking forward to our year together.  I believe that a strong student, parent and teacher relationship is important and makes for a successful school year.  


    In order to be a successful teacher an individual must be reflective about the world around them and their actions within it.  Teachers must be committed to lifelong learning. I believe that if a teacher is not interested in continuing their own learning and knowledge, socially, morally, and culturally; how will they convey the excitement of learning to children?  There should be a balance between school, extra-circular activities and free time. A balance I continue to struggle with myself especially as a mother.  


    If I had to equate education to any one phrase I believe it would be "a series experiences over time." Education needs to be a series of experiences with the teacher functioning as a facilitator of learning and a coach.  I want my students to know and understand that they do not always have to have the correct answers to be a successful student; I want them to try their best while doing what they can to search for the answers.  "Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow."  The most important aspect of education is the embodiment of the learning process. 


    As a teacher I want my students to feel safe and comfortable in my classroom. I want my students to be able to express themselves as individuals, be able to work together in cooperative groups and as a class. Over the years, I have worked with many wonderful students, parents, teachers, faculty and people that I have learned from, I am still learning from.  It is important to never forget the gift of education. One of the most wonderful things about teaching is experiencing the world through the eyes of a child. Every year is a fresh start!  I hope to teach my students and now my own children that they each have wonderful and individual qualities to share with others. To be a successful teacher it is important to teach children to respect themselves, their community, and all individuals.


    I am looking forward to working with you and your child over the course of the rest of year. If there is anything I can do for you please feel free to let me know.




    Mrs. Lora Rantz


Last Modified on September 4, 2019