Welcome to My Class Website
    Ms. Laurie Peckham
    Grade: 5 

    Welcome to our fifth grade website!!   You can use the links on this page to find lots of information about what we are doing......  

    On this page, there are just a few things I wanted to share with you about summer reading.....  Our supply list has also been updated and can be found on the left side of this page by clicking the "Supply List" tab.  It would be really helpful if the students could have their supplies with them on the first day of school so we can begin labeling and organizing.
    In the meantime, if you (kids and parents) have any questions for me, or you'd just like to say hi, feel free to email me: laurie.peckham@norwellschools.org ........
    Don't forget about our new summer reading-- your fourth grade teacher helped you make a summer reading plan. The plan included titles of books and/or topics you indicated you would like to read along with goals.  When we return to school you will share the books you read through book talks, “book tasting”, book reviews, and recommendations with your new classmates and teacher. This will be the perfect way to kick off the new school year - celebrating our community of readers.                                                                                                                
    If you are "stuck" trying to find a good book to read this summer, people at the library and local bookstores are often great resources.  There are also websites with lots of great ideas.  Try this one-- it has links to many books, spanning across many different interests and levels.  http://www.whatdowedoallday.com/2015/04/5th-grade-summer-reading-list.html
     Happy Reading!
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