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    "Nothing is Ever Hard Just Challenging!"
    Mrs. Kelli Meade
    Grade 4 
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    ~Welcome to Fourth Grade~
    Fourth grade is an extraordinary learning journey!  I have had the pleasure of teaching fourth grade at the Vinal School for many years, however, each year is uniquely different. I enjoy getting to know each and every student and teaching the fourth grade curriculum.
    Fourth grade is a learning journey that includes exploring, creating and using inquiry to recognize what is working and positively impacting oneself as well as, building resiliency when things get challenging. Students all move at different speeds, we will be in this learning journey together moving forward and learning all we can and need. 
    Educating children takes community building, partnership and excellent communication. Students enter at different developmental levels with various learning styles; it is essential to take each child to the next level and challenge them to think, learn and reflect in order for them to understand how they learn. Equally as important is instilling a belief  system that each student can challenge themselves to meet expectations beyond their comfort level. The motto listed above is the message sent that each student truly personalizes and owns as the year passes. Teaching becomes learning when the student can articulate (in their own way) how they have grown as a learner. It is this aspect of the craft of teaching that I am most passionate about.