• Room 4 celebrates birthdays by having each classmate make a card for the birthday person.  Please have your child make a birthday card and send the card into school the next day.  Students may bring in and pass out a small item if they wish (erasers, stickers, tattoos, small deck of playing cards, squeeze toy, bottle of bubbles, a travel game…). Food cannot be brought into school.



    Special Birthday Homework!


    Your card should include:


    Happy Birthday, friend’s name

    Her/His new age is:  

    Your name:  (your choice for how you want to sign your card)


        From, Ms. Coggeshall

    Love, Ms. Coggeshall

    Your friend, Ms. Coggeshall

    Your buddy, Ms. Coggeshall

    * Be creative, unique and have fun.  Use effort to write neatly, and use many different colors and decorations.