Welcome to Vinal Physical Education
    Name: Lee T. Leonard
    Subject: Physical Education
    Grade: Kindergarten-5th
    Phone: 781 659-8802 ext 1420
    Happy 2018-19 School Year!!!!
    The first unit was fun with our throwing and catchiing skills. Grades k-2 worked on underhand and overhand throwing to a wall or partner. Grades 3-5 worked on throwing and catching games (box square and handball).
    Your child/children might ask to go outside to play catch, to practice skills learned in PE. This is a great family time to enjoy the fall weather and the children can show off their skills.
    They are working on our second unit, hand tennis. K is working on tossing and catching a large soft ball with and without a bounce. They will next learn how to strike the ball to their partner and the game is on. In grades 1-5 the children are rallying back and forth playing either a cooperative or competitive game. Grades 3-5 also will work on raquetball skills (off the wall). All the games with all grades use their hands as the implement. Games will get more fun when we transition to groups of four for games of 2v2.
    Ask your child to play hand tennis anywhere you go. It is easy and you do not need a lot of room. Just make sure the ball you are using is safe if playing in the house:)
    My site has your child/childrens day they have PE, to help remind you when they need sneakers. The best learning is when a child comes to school ready to learn. On PE day that mean having sneakers. Your child/children will feel comfortable if they come with sneakers and do not have to worry about footwear. THe gym floor was refinished over the summer and black sole shoes and flipflops are not safe in the gym. 
    Each new unit I will update this site so you know what is happening in PE.
    Thank you
    Mr. Leonard :)