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    With the exception of computer science and related fields, technology is not a subject but a tool for learning. That is why the focus of technology in Norwell Public Schools is on the three areas at the core of education: Gathering Information, Analyzing and Applying Information, and Communicating and Collaborating.

    As is the case with the rapid and ongoing changes associated with technology in our society, educational technology is quickly transforming our approach to instruction in the classroom. In order to assist teachers with this transformation, the Technology Leadership Team spent two years developing this document, Technology and Curriculum: A Guide for Making the Connection. It is designed to provide teachers and administrators with a framework for integrating technology into the curriculum.

    The Guide is organized by grade span: K-2; 3-5; 6-8; and 9-12. Each grade span contains Curriculum Applications correlated to the Massachusetts Frameworks and Learning Activity Summaries that provide actual lessons incorporating technology enhanced activities. Of particular significance is the section on the Scope and Sequence of Technology Enhanced Teaching and Learning which outlines competencies that are expected at various grade levels, as well as student performance expectations.

    Norwell has made a significant investment in technology based on a firm belief these tools can have a powerful influence on student learning. Equally significant is the district's commitment to providing all teachers with high quality professional development opportunities, so that you can develop the competencies needed to effectively integrate technology in the curriculum. Technology and Curriculum: A Guide for Making the Connection is part of that professional development effort. It is a dynamic document developed by teachers for teachers. It is a document that we will be updating periodically by incorporating lessons that you develop and share with your colleagues.

    Some are calling today's students Generation I, the Internet generation. Unlike most adults today, the combination of technology and education is second nature to Generation I students. It is so vitally important, therefore, that we not only provide children with an understanding of technology, but that we also leverage its tremendous power to help them learn new things in new ways. Technology and Curriculum is designed to assist you to create powerful and challenging learning opportunities for our Generation I students.

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