Overview Instructional Technology

  • Norwell Public Schools believe that technology is a tool for students to apply and extend their learning, manage information, and engage in relevant authentic learning experiences. Using a developmental, integrative, and relevant course of study we strive to produce students who are responsible and ethical creators and consumers of technology. We strive for a balanced approach to technology education based in the engineering design process that is focused on research, collaboration, creativity, and innovation while cultivating engagement in, and stewardship of, a global society. 

    Norwell has made a significant investment in technology based on the firm belief that these tools can have a powerfully positive impact on teaching and student learning.  Robust professional development opportunities have been provided to our faculty and staff so that the competencies needed to effectively integrate technology into the curriculum can meaningfully occur.

    In 2016 the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education introduced the Digital Literacy and Computer Science Framework.  This framework with its accompanying standards and practices has helped to guide our district in the quickly evolving domain of educational technology.  In 2017, Schoology, a Learning Management System (LMS) that allows teachers and students to more easily communicate, access, and maximize the use of digital instructional materials and electronic resources was integrated throughout the district.  

    Digital Literacy and Computer Science (DLCS) knowledge, reasoning, and skills are essential both to prepare students for personal and civic efficacy in the twenty-first century and to prepare and inspire a much larger and more diverse number of students to pursue the innovative and creative careers of the future. The abilities to effectively use and create technology to solve complex problems are the new and essential literacy skills of the twenty-first century. 

    The district is committed to providing and using the tools of technology to foster learning in conjunction with the many other facets and tools that contribute to the fullness of our students' pre-K through grade twelve education.