It's Term 3!

    Welcome back from vacation!  We hope you are all rested and ready to learn new things.  As Februrary ends and March begins, please remember to keep being kind.  It doesn't have to be just something we do in February. 


    Here is a snapshot of what's going on in your classes. 

    In Math we continue to study probabililty by making predictions or observing simulations with simple and compound events.  In Social Studies, we are finishing up our unit on Latin American and moving on to Europe.  In Science we will be concluding our Earth unit with a project based assessment by creating a Bill Nye episode and then moving on to our Physics unit.   In ELA we will be starting a project about their "Window and Mirror" book that they should have finished reading.
    As a team we are looking forward to our theme week on the Plague!
    Please use the homework tab on this Green Team website.
    This site also provides teacher contact information, links to websites and late night information.  If you have general questions or concern please contact the team leader, Cindy DeBenedictis.  If you have questions about a certain class contact that teacher.  
    Cindy DeBenedicitis
    Late night: Wednesday
    Contact information: cynthia.debenedictis@norwellschools.org  
    phone: 781-659-8814 x 4222
    website: click here
    Rob Doran
    Social Studies
    Late night:  Wednesday
    Contact information: robert.doran@norwellschools.org  
    phone: 781-659-8814 x 4227
    website: click here
    Paula Eramo
    Late night:  Thursday
    Contact information: paula.eramo@norwellschools.org
    phone: 781-659-8814 x 4228
    website: click here
    Alicia Johnston
    Late night: Tuesday
    Contact information: alicia.johnston@norwellschools.org 
    phone: 781-659-8814 x 4223
    website: click here
    Mark Brust
    Special Education
    Late night: Thursday
    Contact information: mark.brust@norwellschools.org
    phone: 781-659-8814 x 4232
    website: click here
    Hannah Kinslow
    Special Education & Language Based ELA
    Late night:  Thursday
    Contact information:  hannah.kinslow@norwellschools.org
    phone 781-659-8814 x
    website: click here
    Late Night Schedule
    Tuesdays:  Mrs. Johnston
    Wednesdays: Mr. Doran, Mrs. DeBenedictis
    Thursdays: Mrs. Eramo, Mr. Brust, Miss Kinslow
    Parent Communication
    We can be reached, via email and phone, with the above information.  Parent conferences are available in November during the early release day.  In addition we can meet with parents during our team meeting time.  Please contact the team leader, Cindy DeBenedictis, to request an appointment.