Welcome to the Purple Team's Webpage.  On this site you will find information that applies to our team as well as the entire 6th grade.   We use this time Please check it out on a regular basis.  Use the links on the left to guide you through the site.  









    Thursday, May 16 - MCAS Math Sixth Grade Students

    Friday, May 17 - MCAS MATH sixth Grade Students.

    Tuesday, May 21 -Information Evening for Parents /Guardians of 5th Grade Students 

    Friday, May 24 NO Homework / LESS Tech Weekend

    Monday, May 27 No School - Memorial Day

    Wednesday, May 29 NMS Book Fair - 2 to 5 PM

    Thursday, May 30 Early Release Day - Students

    Professional Development - Faculty




     Also, a gentle reminder that students still need to have earbuds for class. Students also need to arrive to school with a pencil and a charged iPad.  Please help your student be prepared for school by having those tools needed for his or her class learning. Thanks so much for your continued help and support. 


    Please know that it is our intent to give approximately one hour of homework per night.  This amount is decided upon by the school committee. This is a cumulative amount. Students should have approximately ten minutes of homework per class in sixth grade.Some evenings students may have five minutes in science, but then have fifteen in math, or five in ELA and ten in social studies. If your child is spending too much time on homework, please contact your child's homeroom teacher.   
    The following  LINK provides some helpful hints for making homework more effective and less stressful for student and parent.


    Social Studies and English
    Mrs. Lynn Laffan , Room 109 
    Email- lynn.laffan@norwellschools.org

    Math and Science
    Mrs. Tara Coffey, Room 108
    Mrs. Coffey's website click here
    Email- tara.coffey@norwellschools.org

    Team Leader Purple Team/ Social Studies and English
    Mrs. Mary Flanagan, Room 117
    Mrs. Flanagan's website click here
    Email- mary.flanagan@norwellschools.org

    Math and Science
    Mrs. Jen Marani, Room 116
    Mrs. Marani's website click here
    Email- jennifer.marani@norwellschools.org



    Bournedale is the sixth grade end of year trip. Students spend several days at camp in Plymouth, MA. Students explore nature and participate in activities that support team building and science related curriculum. This is an overnight trip and could not occur without the help of parents who help chaperone.
    For this and any field trip, parent chaperones need a current CORI form and fingerprints filed with the district  There will be more information coming about documents and procedures needed for chaperoning, but if you would like to participate and chaperone for Bournedale or any other trip, please submit your paperwork early in the year.