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    Social Health


    K-12  Social Emotional Health Programming  

    Norwell Public Schools offers comprehensive guidance and support programming which includes numerous social and emotional programs, curriculum and services. The implementation of these lessons, assemblies, workshops, facilitated discussions and programs are collectively known as our "Social Health Curriculum". The curriculum is spiraling in nature - meaning each year it builds upon the skills and lessons taught in previous years. Themes such as bullying, social skills, health and wellness, and internet safety are addressed each year at developmentally appropriate access points.


    Counselors and School Psychologists also oversee the Norwell Tiered Systems of Support (NTSS) Social-Emotional Teacher Screening to identify students who may benefit from additional support structures and learning opportunities. This screening is done for all students each November.  Counseling staff and administrators review the results of the teacher screening and reach out to parents of students who have been identified by teachers.  Students are invited to participate in six to eight week groups which focus on a variety of topics including anxiety, relationship building, assertiveness, and self-regulation.


    Apart from school-based activities for students, each year Norwell Public Schools presents several evening events designed specifically for parents, guardians and community members. These presentations and workshops are designed to provide information on relative topics and to build a sense of commonality and community between the school and parents.  Here are some of the topics previously offered through our parent evening programs:

    • Parents and Schools as Partners Against Bullying
    • The Legal Implications of Risky Teen Behavior
    • Substance Abuse Prevention
    • Internet Safety
    • Social Media
    • Facilitating Social Skill Development in Your Child
    • Anxiety in Children
    • Calm Classroom
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