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    Mr. Thompson
    Technology Education
    Grades 6, 7 & 8
    (781) 659-8814 ext. 4149

    Welcome to the middle school technology and engineering page. This class is structured to allow
    students to explore the following areas of technology; manufacturing, transportation, structures and
    the engineering design process. Students will participate in classroom, computer based and hands-on
    activities that will help them gain a better understanding of the man-made world.
    Sixth graders will be rotated through a 22 class exploratory experience that will introduce them to the
    design process and give them an opportunity to safely use basic hand tools to produce a usable
    Seventh grade students spend approximately 45 classes exploring  structures and transportation
    technologies. They will design using both traditional drawing tools as well as software design tools and
    gain a more in depth understanding of using hand tools as well as machines to solve engineering
    Eighth graders will delve more deeply into transportation and also explore manufacturing technology
    during their 45 class experience. Again, solving problems using the design process will be stressed as
    students become more experienced using drawings to communicate ideas generated on paper as well
    as electronically. Eighth graders gain further experience in how to use tools and machines safely and
    productively as the build solutions to engineering problems.
    All course content is based on the technology and engineering standards found in the state frameworks.
    Assessment is based on successful completion of lab activities as well as quizzes and tests developed
    using MCAS type questions.