• Dear Norwell High School Community,


    This has been a year to remember, for sure!  We wanted to thank you for your support and share with you what we were able to accomplish this year.


    TOGETHER the NHS PTO and NHS Parents Did This!!!!!!


    • We funded over $20,000 for our STUDENTS, FACULTY and COMMUNITY.  Not too shabby considering the year we had.


    • We purchased a backdrop that will be used for graduation and future events in upcoming years in the amount of $700 !


    • We were able to support the new outside classroom, located near the main entrance of the building with the purchase of 3 tables in the amount of $3,200 !!!


    • We purchased masks for the Class of 2020 in the amount of $1,450 !


    • We were able to purchase over 400 balloons that were placed on each senior's mailbox on what would have been their graduation day in the amount $665 !


    • We are renting the staging that will be used for the Class of 2020 Graduation Day on August 1st in the amount of $2,550 !


    • The PTO also supported the Freshmen Social in the amount of $400, the Beautification Committee in the amount of $500, teacher grants in the amount of $675 and teacher and faculty appreciation gift cards were purchased in the amount of $1,000 !!


    ...still leaving over $4,000 to support the start of the next school year for the 2020-21 PTO!


    None of this would have been possible without your support and the members of the PTO !!!!  Next year, the High School will need YOU more than ever.  Without a PTO Board there is no PTO.  Without a PTO, your students and their teachers will no longer have the added funds and support that the PTO provides like the Freshmen Social, teacher appreciation gifts, guest speakers, teacher grants, CPR classes, beautification and so much more.  We urge you to please consider being part of a committee that makes a HUGE difference in your child's high school community.  Please contact NHSPTO@nhspto.org with your interest or any questions regarding this great opportunity.


    Thank you,

    From your 2019-20 NHS PTO