• Student Government
     Welcome to Student Government
    Advisors: Mrs. Plassmann and Mrs. Barrientos
    Freshmen Advisor: Marianne McElwee
    Sophmore Advisor: Judy Field
    Junior Advisors: Arianne Lozan, Dave Benedict
    Senior Advisors: John Goniatis, Megan McBride



    Student Government is the backbone of student life at Norwell High School. We are one of the largest clubs in the high school and plan many of the events that take place throughout the year! Almost 20% of all students are involved in Student Government.  From planning pep rallies to organizing spirit weeks to orchestrating fundraisers to participating in community service opportunities to helping students develop their leadership skills, we do it all!
    Elections take place every spring for the following academic year.  Incoming freshmen elections happen each fall.  Student Government members meet as a large group one evening each month, while class meetings happen on a more regular basis.  If you have questions about Student Government, or have an idea to pass along to your representatives, please see one of our Executive Members listed below! 


    President: Connor Burtch

    Vice President: Molly Roman

    Secretary: Olivia Johnson

    Treasurer: Lauren Vanderwater

    Publicity Coordinator: Emma Campbell

    School Committee Representative: Emma Campbell

    School Council Representatives: Sarah Twombly & Dante Barbarti