Welcome to the Halyard Literary & Arts Magazine
    Advisor: Ms. Kelsey Link
    Website:  The Halyard


    The Halyard is NHS's annual literary/arts magazine.

         It proudly displays some of the school's best written and visual art pieces. Every year the club produces one magazine which is submitted to the NESPA Publication Awards. Students are taught how to produce the magazine.
         All students are encouraged to submit their artwork and their creative writing for consideration. Each year about 40 students will have their work chosen for publication.  
         A small group of students does the layout and Image Resolutions, a local printer, makes the final copies.  The magazine is funded by sales and sponsorships. It is a beautiful full color publication. A copy remains in the YA collection at the Norwell Public Library. 
         Each spring the staff has the opportunity to attend a high school journalism conference at Boston University. The Halyard is the proud recipient of numerous awards, including an All-New England award from the New England Scholastic Press Association in eight of the last ten years.