After School Procedures

    Students who have made arrangements to stay after school, also known as “late night,” for extra help with a teacher or for a school sanctioned activity should be in that supervised classroom/area until 2:45 PM, the conclusion of late night.
    Students who have not made such arrangements should board their assigned buses at the end of the day or wait for their rides in the cafetorium or other designated location.
    Students who are transported privately and are not staying for extra help or a school-sanctioned activity should be picked up as soon after the 1:58 PM dismissal as possible. Those who are staying for late night, should be picked up at 2:45 PM. Late buses are also available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays for students who stay after school.
    Norwell Schools busing guidelines state that where practical, late bus stops will be within one mile from a student's home.


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Late Night Bus Routes

  • BUS  7
    Start @NMS 2:45 - Left out of school: D/P Main St, end of Prospect St, Jacobs Lane, Right onto Washington. D/O along Washington St, Jacob’s Pond, Washington Park, Hall Drive, 405 Washington, Knollwood, Farrah Farmer, 239 Washington, Oak St.  If Queen Anne’s needed, drop off at Mobile Station.  D/O along Grove to Lincoln St.  Turn around at Lincoln. Go to Cole.  If needed, High Street towards Hanover then Cole.

    BUS 9
    Start @NMS 2:45 - Right on Main.  Drop Off along Main St . Turn around at Neal Gate. Left on Cross St. Left on Old Oaken Bucket. Right on Summer St. If Laurelwood needed, Right on First Parish. Right on Summer.  Drop off Mt. Hope. Drop off Mt. Blue. Go to Vinal.

    BUS 12
    Start @NMS 2:45 - Left on Main. Left on South. Left on Pleasant. D/O Wildcat. Right on Circuit. Right on Pine. Right on River. D/O Common.  D/O Tiffany.  D/O Meadow Brook. Stay on River.  Right on Stetson D/O Barque Hill. D/O Till Rock. D/O Masthead. Right on River, dropping off at at intersections and along River St. Straight to Central St.    Go to Vinal