• PTO Committees and Events for Volunteer Opportunities

    Below are descriptions of some of the committees and events of the NHS PTO and the current chairpersons.  If you are interested on working on any of these committees, serving as a chairperson, making a donation or volunteering your time you can contact the PTO at: nhspto@nhspto.org THANK YOU IN ADVANCE!

    The Hospitality committee provides refreshments for monthly meetings and other meetings or receptions as they arise.  Morning meeting fare is generally a “Box of Joe” with some type of breakfast food.  The principal may request refreshments for a special meeting or anything that the PTO hosts.  Anyone can donate goods as suggested by the Hospitality Chairperson (they do not have to be on the committee).  Donations can be any bought or homemade food items, water bottles, coffee, juice, or other beverage, tablecloths or flowers, etc.  Term is for the school year, September to June.  We use Sign-up Genius and it is the chairperson’s responsibility administer the sign-up.
    Current chairperson: Christine Smith
    We are working with Admin to address the exterior of NHS. Volunteers are needed to help plant, water, and weed various areas around the parking lots, playing fields, and school entrances.  Most work done in Fall and Spring.
    Current chairperson: Cara Davis, Sarah Baker 
    When we lose members or family members of our school community, we send cards, as well as flowers or donations based on the wishes of the families.  We will also organize memorials or collections as needed.  We also provide assistance to families suffering hardships.
    Current chairperson: Jinda Mulvey
    Student Directory
    Work with the Admin provided PTO family contact list for the PTO Family Directory.
    Current chairperson: Janet Lee
    The PTO maintains a current site here on the Norwell Public Schools site.  PTO information can also be found here.  Work is with basic computer programming and graphic design.
    Current chairperson: Janet Lee
    Teacher Appreciation Luncheons
    Held in December and May, on Early Release Days, these luncheons give us a chance to thank our wonderful faculty and staff with a bountiful luncheon.  This has always been a first-class event that gets almost 100% attendance.  Parents donate sandwiches, salads, soups, desserts, drinks, etc., and volunteers are needed to set up, serve food, and clean-up after.  Sign-up sheets for this will be passed around at monthly meetings, as well as via email.
    Current chairperson: Jinda Mulvey, Abby Gray
    A Night "Not to Forget"
    Something new this year!  It will be held on Saturday, January 25, 2020 at The Cushing Center.  There will be intrigue, excitement, drama and laughs!  It is our ONLY fundraising event.  More information will be forthcoming…
    Current chairpersons: Jodi Loring
    MCAS Snacks
    Held in March, May, and June, the students are proviced with healthy snack foods at school during Spring MCAS testing.  Due to new regulations governing food selections, Food Services now purchases the snacks and the PTO funds it. 
    Current chairperson: 
    The PTO is working with administration, faculty advisers and student government to support the pre-prom community gathering and walk-out prior to departure for the prom. 
    Current chairperson: Denise Coffey, Diane Holland
    Senior Breakfast
    Donations of breakfast foods are needed as well as volunteers to help set up, serve, and clean up.
    Current chairperson: Denise Coffey
    Graduation Balloons
    Current chairperson: Christine Joseph, Carolyn Lundgren

    Other opportunities will arise as new events and programs are added throughout the year. We will do our best to continually update this information.  Thank you for your support!