• Log 1 contest

    The Log 1 contest consists of three rounds per year each given at different levels. Mu is for calculus students, Alpha is for trig students and Theta is for algebra and geometry students. It is administered after school and students are given the topics in advance so they can prepare. Each test has 15 open answer questions to be completed in 30 minutes without a calculator. The topics are often outside the regular curriculum and give students a chance to learn new material.
    The 2011-2012 contest has three rounds. The first round, in December, includes two topic tests. Students may take either the "Circle/Polygon/Pi" or "Equations/Inequalities" test. The second round, in January, includes a second set of topic tests. Students will take either "Number Theory" or "Applications." The third round, in February, will be a test of general mathematics on level appropriate topics.
    The team score is the sum of the highest individual scores on the two topics at the three levels, six scores in all. Norwell competes in region 3 which includes an area from New England through New York and Pennsylvania down to Alabama. Log 1 provides an opportunity to compete against schools from across the country without leaving Norwell.
    Only Mu Alpha Theta members (full or associate) can contribute to the team score.
    In 2011 Norwell placed sixth in region three. Junior Peter MacDonald placed 18th in the Alpha division and freshman Kevin Luo placed 15th in the Theta division. In 2012, Norwell placed 11th in region three. Kevin Luo placed 15th in the Alpha division.