Special Education (For those students with Individual Education Plans)

  • Academic Support, Grades 9-12, 5.00 cr.


    The Academic Support Program at Norwell High School focuses on three major areas. First and foremost, is the specially designed instruction outline in each students’ IEP. Second, students are given the opportunity to practice and apply basic skills and study skills learned in content area subjects. Third, students work on the skills necessary to transition to the next level in their educational career, whether it be the next grade, college or work. The special education teachers and aides coordinate, communicate and collaborate with classroom teachers in the implementation of accommodations, and when needed, the modification of curriculum. Additionally, students who require related services (such as Speech Therapy, Counseling, Occupational Therapy, etc.) as a part of their IEP receive these services either throughout the course of their typical day, or during their scheduled academic support class. Meets 6 out of 7 days.

    Academic Support, Grades 9-12, 2.5 cr.


    This Academic Support Program provides the same structured environment as the Academic Support Program Courses listed above. However, these courses offer students the opportunity to transition out of a full-time Academic Support Course and further allows them time to practice independent selfadvocacy, learning style strategies and time management skills. Meets 3 out of 7 days.

    Life Skills, 2.5 or 5.00 cr.


    This course for special needs students is specially designed instruction to assist students with meeting everyday challenges: how do you find an apartment, stick to a budget, use public transportation, live on your own, make financial decisions, maintain a bank account, establish credit, and prepare tax returns? Units include:

    Social Skills (working in groups, pragmatic language skills, peer relationships, understanding emotions)

    Daily Living Skills Health and Hygiene (safety, first aid, self-esteem, nutrition, exercise, laundry, cooking, time management, leisure activities)

    Finances (make change, compute mileage, figure sales tax, calculate wages, balance a checkbook, understand utility bills, online banking)

    Self-Esteem (body language, personal body space, career choices, change, dating, peer pressure)

    Work Experience, 2.5 or 5.00 cr.


    This course for selected students provides hands-on work experience opportunities for students preparing for the world of work. Participants will learn to follow instruction, assess strengths, and explore career options. During this experience, students will target job skills, pinpoint career objectives, identify strengths, and explore ways to handle different work situations, while developing personal and interpersonal skills. The work experience may be in the school store “The Clipper Canteen”.

    Other topics may include: Career Exploration, Personal Finance, In-School work options 

    Real World Academics, 2.5 or 5.00 cr.


    This course will assist in preparing students for transition to further vocational training or to employment. The course will cover academics in the areas of Mathematics, Reading, Science and Social Studies. Mathematics will include such topics as Banking, Budgets, Shopping, Money Management, Making Change and Employment. Reading will include such topics as online job applications, using the newspaper, forms related to employment, reading skills necessary for daily living. The class will incorporate a structured reading program to improve reading ability. In addition, topics in Social Studies and Science will be incorporated as they relate to accessing the community, understanding the world and what it means to be a citizen.