• The educational program at Norwell High School is based on the fundamental belief that our students are life-long learners, and that Norwell High School is responsible for providing its students with a variety of learning opportunities. All courses offered at Norwell High School are considered college-preparatory. While courses vary in difficulty, intensity, and pace, all courses operate on the premise that students are active learners who are engaged in the educational process.

    Course levels are designed to provide the maximum intellectual challenge for each student. Students, and their parents/guardians, need to make decisions about the courses they will register for based on:

    ● past academic performance

    ● teacher recommendations

    ● advice from their school counselor

    Students are reminded that while there are external pressures to take as many Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) courses as possible, a balanced schedule of courses is crucial for students’ overall well-being. Students who choose to take Honors and AP courses must be prepared to balance their personal, and outside of school interests, with the significant amount of time and effort it may take to be academically successful.

    The descriptions of course levels below are intended to provide an overview of the expectations of students at each level.


  • College Preparatory (CP)

  • Honors (H)

  • Advanced Placement (AP)