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    Health Screenings fall under 105CMR 2000.00 Physical Examination of School Children. Screenings are conducted by the school nurses annually.
    The purpose of health screenings is to identify and take appropriate actions with respect to the potential health condition of the student as soon as possible. The goal is to enable all children to obtain the fullest benefit from their educational opportunities.  School screenings are intended to supplement, not supplant, oversight of care by the student's primary care provider. Parents will be notified only if follow-up is recommended.
    Vision Screenings and Audio Screenings will be conducted for students in grade 7.
    Postural screening occurs for students in grades 6,7, and 8. 
    Body Mass Index Screening for grade 7 is mandated by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health.  BMI information is the measurement of height and weight. 
    *If you do not want your child's BMI measured at school, please notify me in writing that you wish to opt your student out of this screening .
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    In the event you do not want your student to participation in  the school screening(s). Please notify me in writing that you wish to opt your student out of an individual screening or all the scheduled screenings.

BMI Screening Guidelines for Schools

  • According to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health BMI (Body Mass Index) Screening, determined by height and weight measurements, will now be required for students in grades 1, 4, 7 and 10. The purpose of these screening guidelines is to provide information that will be communicated to parents for follow-up by their family physician as necessary. All results will be confidentially notified even those within a normal range. Identification of students with BMI percentages above or below normal may put them at risk for a variety of health risks, making early identification important.