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    The information below has been prepared to give you an overview of Norwell and its schools. To learn more, please visit us on our website: www.norwellschools.org. Also, we welcome you to visit our schools, meet with our talented faculty and staff, and observe our outstanding students in action. See for yourself how Norwell Public Schools’ core values of Children First, Cultivation of Learning, Community Focus, and Continuous Improvement are guiding us in the creation of 21s Century Schools for 21st Century Students.

    Norwell, Massachusetts

    Ideally situated 25 miles southeast of downtown Boston, Norwell is a semi-rural, suburban community of approximately 11,000 residents. The farms and factories of a century ago have given way to private country homes, modern schools, shopping centers, health, recreation and cultural facilities, a wildlife reservation, a natural science center, and a thriving industrial zone. With the scenic North River forming the town's southern boundary, Norwell is an ideal recreational site for boating, fishing, and swimming. Ocean beaches and picturesque New England harbors are only a few miles away.

    Norwell is proud and supportive of its school system, which reflects the intellectual strength and character of the community. The two pre-K-5 elementary schools, the grade 6-8 middle school, and high school are all committed to academic excellence in a caring environment for Norwell's 2,153 students. In May of 2012, a $2.3 million operational override allowed Norwell Public Schools to improve student to teacher ratios, begin a comprehensive curriculum adoption cycle and a technology cycle for overall infrastructure needs and a 1:1 iPad initiative for students in grades 3-12. The Clipper Community Complex featuring a stadium turf field and all purpose athletic turf field, was completed in the summer of 2014 thanks to the support of many Norwell committees, community members, and donors. Each school has an active school council and parents are very involved with the education of their children. 94% of Norwell High School graduates continue their education at two and four year colleges.

    Mission Statement

    Developed by a twenty-two member Strategic Planning Team in June 2016, our Mission Statement is as follows:

    The mission of Norwell Public Schools, in partnership with the community, is to provide excellence in education through a challenging and supportive environment, empowering students to be versatile, innovative, and responsible citizens who are prepared to navigate and contribute to a dynamic global society.


    Grace Farrar Cole School: Eliza Burns, Principal (781) 659-8823; eliza.burns@norwellschools.org
    Heather Benner, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8823; heather.benner@norwellschools.org

    William Gould Vinal School: Nathan Thorsteinson, Principal (781) 659-8820; nathan.thorsteinson@norwellschools.org
    Catherine Egan, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8820; catherine.egan@norwellschools.org

    Serving students in preschool through grade five, the Cole and Vinal schools have enrollments of 541 students at the Cole and 534 students at the Vinal. Students are taught in heterogeneously grouped classes, and an interdisciplinary approach to learning is encouraged and supported by a district curriculum aligned with the Massachusetts Curriculum State Frameworks. Utilizing a combination of whole group and small group instruction, our English Language Arts program serves as the foundation for reading and writing instruction. In mathematics, students work with a wide variety of models and procedures to successfully solve problems in multiple ways. In addition, with support of the Norwell Tiered System of Supports at the K-5 level, student progress is consistently monitored in both English language arts and mathematics as well as in social- emotional development. The skills and content taught through our science program incorporate STEM (science, technology engineering, and math) concepts, and the social studies program is supported by an extensive collection of reference materials and resources. There are also weekly classes in art, music, physical education, and library/media, as well as smal group and ensemble instrumental music instruction available in grade five. Various services are available for students found eligible for special education and for English language learners. Both schools enjoy highly supportive parent groups, and all faculty and staff are committed to providing a challenging, safe, and supportive environment for each and every student

    Norwell Middle School: James Dupille, Principal (781) 659-8814; james.dupille@norwellschools.org
    Ellen Murray, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8815; ellen.murray@norwellschools.org

    Norwell Middle School services 500 students in grades six, seven, and eight. In sixth grade, students are assigned to teams of two teachers. In seventh and eighth grade, students are assigned to teams of four teachers. English, mathematics, science and social studies are the core subjects offered on each team. In all classes, critical thinking, cooperative learning, and individual responsibility are emphasized. French, Latin, and Spanish make up our world language offerings. Sixth grade students are offered introductory world language courses that expose them to all three languages. Seventh and eighth grade students are assigned to a two-year formal program in one of the languages. During students’ three years at the middle school, the following exploratory courses are offered: art, band, chorus, computational thinking, engineering design, foods and nutrition, family and life skills, consumer science, social health / guidance, health education, Introduction to iPad library, music, and physical education. By utilizing a wide variety of middle school practices, our educational community makes a concerted effort to maintain a delivery system that is student-centered and focused on the unique needs of young adolescents. The Norwell Tiered System of Supports at the middle school level continues to monitor student progress in both English language arts and mathematics as well as in social/emotional development. In addition, as a part of a distric 1:1 technology program, all middle school students receive an iPad to support their academic learning and development as digital citizens.

    Norwell High School: Marc Bender, Principal (781) 659-8810; marc.bender@norwellschools.org
    Jennifer Greenberg, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8808; jennifer.greenberg@norwellschools.org
    Matthew Marani, Assistant Principal (781) 659-8808; matthew.marani@norwellschools.org
    JJ Niamkey, Athletic Director (781) 659-8808; jjniamkey@norwellschools.org

    Providing a college preparatory curriculum for all students, Norwell High School is an academically rigorous secondary school accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges. The high school’s 596 students take at least five major subjects and are required to carry a minimum of six courses per semester. Graduation requirements include the successful completion of four years of English, mathematics, science, and social studies, as well as courses in the unified arts and computer science, and a minimum of three years of foreign language. Twenty Advanced Placement courses are offered in art, biology, calculus, chemistry, English language, English literature, computer science, environmental science, European history, French, Latin, physics, psychology, Spanish, statistics, U.S. government, and U.S. history. In addition to the Advanced Placement program, Norwell High School partners with Syracuse University’s Project Advance to offer college-level coursework in Latin, Spanish and French. As a part of a district 1:1 technology initiative, all students are issued an iPad to support their academic learning and development as digital citizens. Over 90% of Norwell High School students participate in co-curricular programs (athletics, drama, music, publications and clubs). Norwell High School students consistently score above the state and national averages on the SAT and other standardized tests, and 94% of the Class of 2022 are pursuing post-secondary education, with 90.7% of the class going on to four-year colleges. Norwell students are also eligible to attend South Shore Vocational Technical High School in Hanover, which offers a wide variety of career-oriented programs.

    Additional Information

    For a personalized tour of any one of our schools, please call the above principals.

    For information on special education English language learners, homelessness or civil rights, please call Director of Student Services Suzan Theodorou at (781) 659-8800, ext. 1026; e-mail: suzan.theodorou@norwellschools.org.

    Information on our facilities, finances, transportation and general operations may be obtained from the Director of Finance, Operations & Technology Warren MacCallum at (781) 659-8800; e-mail: warren.maccallum@norwellschools.org.

    For information on curriculum, instruction, instructiona technology or support programs, please call Director of Teaching, Learning & Technology Diane Provenzano at (781) 659-8800, ext. 1026; e-mail: diane.provenzano@norwellschools.org.

    Also, please feel free to contact me directly at the address below if I can be of any assistance. Thank you for your interest in Norwell Public Schools.

    Matthew A. Keegan
    Superintendent of Schools
    Norwell Public Schools
    322 Main Street, Norwell, MA 02061

    phone: 781-659-8800
    fax: 781-659-8805
    e-mail: matthew.keegan@norwellschools.org

    Norwell Public Schools’ Home Page: www.norwellschools.org