Norwell Public Schools iPads

  • Norwell Public Schools provides one to one access to iPads for all students in grades 3-12.  Students in grades K - 2 have access to shared iPads within the classrooms.

    Families are responsible for any repairs and/or damages to the iPad.  Please see the Informational Sheet iPad Technology Fee & Repair Options below for options on covering these costs.

Procedures for Technical Problems or Damages to iPads

  • In the event that an iPad has been damaged, deemed unusable, and/or does not meet the requirements of Norwell Public School’s Enrollment policy*, bring it to the designated technical support area in the school.

    • Norwell High School Library - For High School Students 
    • Norwell Middle School - Middle School Office  
    • Grace Farrar Cole Elementary Office
    • William Gould Elementary Office

    To see the complete procedures, including loaner iPad information, please click HERE

    * Enrollment policy consists of the Norwell Public Schools Technology Department enrolling the device(s) into the server for proper management, which includes: adding profiles, pushing out apps, and recording an accurate inventory.

iPad Repair Costs

  • Broken screen  - 1st or 2nd incident, tech fee paid: no charge
    Broken screen - no tech fee or 3rd plus incident: $150
    Ireparably damaged iPad - $299
    Lost or broken iPad charger - $38

Technology Fee Payment

  • Norwell Public Schools will continue offering an optional Technology Fee Program for iPad repairs and replacements.  This program is geared toward quick and efficient student iPad replacement by swapping out the iPad within a 24 hour period. 

    The fee is $40.00.

    The initial Technology Fee can be paid online HERE or by check made out to the Town of Norwell  with "tech fee" in the memo line.  

    The deadline for the 2023-2024 school year is September 29, 2023. The option to pay will not be available after that date.

    Families have the option of obtaining private insurance coverage for iPads or selecting no coverage at all.  To see the details for each of these coverages, please click HERE.



iPad Models & Case Information

  • Families have the option of purchasing their own case for the Norwell Schools issued ipads for students in grades 6-12.

    Here are the iPads that are in use for the 2023-2024 school year:

    Grade     Model#      iPad Model

    6th            A2602       iPad 9
    7th            A2197       iPad 9
    8th            A2197       iPad 7
    9th            A2602       iPad 9
    10th          A2270       iPad 9

    11th          A2197       iPad 8
    12th          A1893       iPad 7