Online Payments

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    Online payments for all student fees may be made with your checking account, MasterCard, Amex or Discover Card.   The online payment portal does not accept Visa. To make an online payment, please click HERE.  The credit card service provider charges the fee to your credit card. There will be a $0.50 processing fee assessed for all electronic check payments.

2022-2023 Fees

    Preschool Tuition
            Three Sessions per Week                               $2,475 per year 
            Four Sessions per Week                                 $3,300 per year 
             Full Day                                                             $3,600 per year

    2022-23 Grade 7-12 School Bus Fees
             Early Registration Fee (thru June 30)               $250 First Student / $500 Family Cap 
             After July 1 Fee (thru June 30)                           $300 First Student / $600 Family Cap

    High School Activity / Athletics Fees
            Activities Tier 1 (per activity)                          $20 
            Activities Tier 2 (per activity)                          $50 
            Tier 1 Sports                                                     $225 
            Tier 2 Sports                                                     $300 
            Tier 3 Sports                                                     $375 
            Family Cap                                                        $1,325

    Middle School Activity Fees
            6-week programs                                             $30 
            Year-long programs                                         $100

    High School Parking Fees 
            Lot Parking                                                       $50 
            Street & Grounds Parking                              $25

    School Lunch Prices
            Elementary School                                       TBD 
            Middle School                                               TBD 
            High School                                                   TBD 
            Adult                                                               TBD

    Technology Maintenance Fee
           Tech fee                                                         $40

FACTS Tuition Payment

  • Norwell Public Schools uses FACTS for a convenient online method to pay tuition. For more information on FACTS please click HERE. 
    For instructions on how to set up a FACTS account, click HERE
    To login to an existing account or create a new account, please click HERE
    For a list of all the 2022-2023 fees for Norwell Public Schools, please click HERE