Welcome to June!

  • Wow, what a year!! We made it to the end of this academic year after lots of unexpected twists and turns. We all deserve a restful, fun, safe summer and I look forward to seeing everyone in September, in person or on a screen! 


    There is so much on my mind personally and professionally, between the ongoing pandemic, a renewed and heightened level of attention on racism in our nation, Pride month, uncertainty about next school year, etc etc! Self care remains so important, but with that, it is also ok for us to feel discomfort. I believe growth requires being a little uncomfortable! My commitment is to continue my own inner work on unconscious bias and to become more actively anti-racist, and I plan to make this a permanent part of my work with Cole students through read alouds, lessons, consultation, discussions, and trainings. I have been so proud of the kids recently (as I always am!) in various Zoom calls because of their commitment to kindness, social justice, inclusion, and learning. 


    I have updated my links to include resources related to all that's going on, including info from our Second Step Bullying Curriculum. I hope you can continue using key language from this curriculum over the summer- like being an upstander or a bystander with power, which means speaking up and being supportive when you see something wrong happening to someone else.


    Stay healthy, take care of yourselves physically/mentally/emotionally, and I will be so happy to see you in the fall!

    Mrs. Walsh 





Lucy from Charlie Brown sitting in a pool