• Vinal School

    Book Bee


    Dear incoming 5th Grade students and parents,

    We are pleased to announce the first (and what we hope will become annual)  “Vinal Book Bee” for 5th grade students. It is a game show style competition between grade level classrooms. Students will be asked to identify a book based upon the information given.

    We are providing each student with a list of the “Book Bee” books so that they can begin to read them this summer. As you read, it would be helpful to write down notes regarding character names, settings and main ideas of the books. This will be helpful for you to review the material before the competition rounds begin. Many of the titles are available at the Norwell Public Library for you to borrow this summer. When you return to school in September, there will be a display of these book in the Vinal School library for you to borrow.

    In November, your class will participate in Round 1 during your Library period. Questions will be asked of the whole class and each student will have the opportunity to answer. At the end of Round 1, a panel of five students will be chosen to represent each class.

    Round 2 will take place about a month after Round 1. This will also take place during a Library period. During this round, the panel will be asked questions. If the panel can correctly answer a question, the class will be awarded 2 points. If the panel is unable to answer the question, they can defer to the whole class. If the class can answer the question, then they are awarded 1 point. Points will be posted, but they are not carried over into the final round.

    Round 3 will take place about a month after Round 2. This round will be held in the gym as a friendly competition. The class with the most points at the end ot the rounds earns the right to display the “coveted” Vinal Book Bee trophy in their room until the next competition the following year.

    This is a FUN program designed to introduce you to a variety of books and authors. You don’t have to limit your summer reading to this list. You will have time to read once school begins again and right up to the final round.

    Have a happy and healthy summer.  Enjoy Reading!

    The Book Bee Committee & the Vinal PTO