• Assignments Week of April 22, 2019
    Social Studies 
    Monday, April 22  Day 2
    Class:   Students will begin by submitting their poem #3 Specific Poetry B that was due the Friday before vacation. We will move on to begin the final section on Assignment 4 Free Verse Revised Examples

    H.W: Work on your free verse - final poem
    Monday, April 22    Day 2 
    ClassWe will go over Summary of the Iliad, an Abridged adaptation of The IliadThe Iliad Summary and finally An Animated Iliad Summary. Finally, here is a clip from the movie Troy of the battle between Hector and Achilles: Troy Achilles vs Hector Fight Scene Hopefully, after all these summaries, you will have a better grasp on why this ancient mythological story continues to endure in modern day. 

    H.W:  Review all that we have learned today about The Iliad.

    Tuesday, April 23  Day 1 
    Class:  We will share out our poems and continue working on any that need some final tweaking. 

    H.W.: None, as long as you have submitted all your poem drafts for each assignment #1-4 from the past weeks.  

    Follow the packing recommendations for camp found on our website. Get a good night's sleep and think "Sunny Spring Weather!"


    Tuesday, April 23   Day 1

    Class:  In our text, the words "honor" and "courage" are used to describe traits that were important to the ancient Greeks.  Using only the information I have shared with you in class, use this information to answer the following question: In a well-developed paragraph explain the following: How does the epic poem "The Iliad" by Homer help to express the importance of the traits of honor and courage for ancient Greeks? Use specific evidence and/or quotes from either the abridged audio/text or video clips we watched in class to support your answer. Do not attempt to read actual portions of "The Iliad" yet, as that challenge awaits you in future years. 

    H.W.: Finish up your paragraph response and then get packing!! Homework cancelled.

    Wednesday, April 24  Day 2 
    ClassYogi Bear camping

    Grade 6 heads to Nature's Classroom Camp for the remainder of the week. 

    Wednesday, April 24  Day 2
    Class: Yogi Bear camping

    H.W.:  Grade 6 heads to Nature's Classroom Camp for the remainder of the week. 

    Thursday, April 25  Day 1
    Class:  Gone camping
    Thursday, April 25  Day 1 
    Class:  Gone camping


    Friday, April 26  Day 2  
    Class:  Gone camping


    Friday, April 26   Day  2

    Class: Gone camping