• Provisional Membership (Freshmen): Introduction

    • In addition to attending monthly meetings, all interested freshmen can sign up and matched with a junior mentor. Pairings will share contact information and expected to have lunch together at least once a month.



    Year 1 Membership: Instruction

    • In addition to attending monthly meetings, year one members will engage in an online curriculum focused on developing leadership skills around the following concepts.

      • Cultivating Commitment (Responsibility)

      • Conflict Resolution (Communication)

      • Civility of Behavior & Words (Respect)

      • Empowering Others (Empathy)

      • Recognizing When to Be Grateful (Gratitude)

      • Overcoming Failure/Facing your Faults (Courage)

      • Being Reliable & Being Good to your Word (Integrity & Honesty)




    Year 2 & 3 Membership: Development & Application

    • In addition to attending monthly meetings, year two members will be matched and serve as mentors to identified freshmen. Available for school based questions

      • Never eat alone

      • Encourage positive behavior

      • Assist with transition to high school


    •  Student Advisory Board

      • Assist in the development of monthly meeting content

      • Match Provisional Members to year two mentors

      • Review Online Modules

      • Lead Monthly Meetings



    Membership requirements for all roles:


    1. Attend monthly leadership development meetings. Cannot miss more than two meetings per year.

    2. Complete 20 hours of community service per year (includes summer).

    3. Civic Engagement Responsibilities: Attend two student events per term that you do not participate as a member. This will require digital check-in through instagram with #clipperpride.  

    4. Maintain and meet all Academic & Discipline Eligibility Standards. Those who fail to meet academic standards can maintain probationary membership if they attend one after school study hall per week.