1. Arm Tap and Spell: for RED WORDS (words that cannot be sounded out phonetically- i.e. the, are, is, you, to).
    • Look at the word.
    • Say the word.  
    • Look away from the word and with one arm fully extended, bring the other hand to the shoulder of extended arm.
    • Tap and say each letter separately, beginning at the shoulder and moving down the arm (ex "the, t - h - e,  the”)
    • After spelling the word, the tapping hand returns to the top of the shoulder and slides down the arm while simultaneously saying the whole word.  
    1. Finger tapping: for words that can be spelled phonetically (i.e. top).
    • Look at the word.
    • Tap and say each sound separately, beginning with the index finger and thumb (tap the first sound), then the middle finger and thumb tap the second sound, then the ring finger and thumb tap the third sound, etc. (ex finger tap top, “t - o - p”).  After tapping each sound the child then closes the hand and says the word. The child can then go back and make the sounds again and then say the letter that goes with those sounds and then write the letters. 

          3. Repeated Visualization:

    • Have the child say the word and then use it in a sentence.
    • Help the child to see the word in his/her "mind's eye." For example, spell the word with eyes closed or write it in the air.  Then check it with a written version to see if it is correct.
    • Have the child write the word from memory and check it against the original.
    • Have the child cover the word and write it again.
    • Have the child write it again two more times.

          4.  Spell them out loud (spelling bee style), (while passing/bouncing a ball), (physical movement-jumpiing jacks, etc).

          5.  Use Scrabble tiles to spell them.  

          6.  Build the words in magnet letters/wikki sticks/playdough.

          7.  Spell the word in shaving cream using a cookie sheet or by putting the shaving cream in a gallon size ziploc bag.

          8.  Scratch the word in playdough using a toothpick.