• Full-Day Kindergarten and Tuition Procedures

    Full-Day Kindergarten 
    All students are eligible to enroll in full-day kindergarten through our registration process.  Each year, the district sends information about the kindergarten registration process to families of age-eligible students. During the kindergarten registration period, families who are interested in full-day kindergarten can indicate that on the registration form.

    Families of students attending full-day kindergarten pay the tuition rate set by the Norwell School Committee each school year. The School Committee sets the tuition rate each spring. The rate for the 2023-2024 school year is $3,750.

    The amount of tuition charged for a full-day depends on a student’s free and reduced lunch status, as follows:

    • Families who are not eligible for free or reduced lunch pay full tuition.
    • Families who are eligible for reduced lunch pay ½ tuition.
    • Families who are eligible for free lunch do not pay tuition.

    Tuition Charged to Families of Multiples 
    Norwell Public Schools currently offers families a discounted tuition for children from the same family attending full-day kindergarten programs in the same year.

    • For the first child, the family pays the full assessed tuition.
    • For the second child, the family pays one-half of the assessed tuition.
    • For the third child, the family pays one-half of the assessed tuition.

    Tuition Payments 
    The tuition rate for the 2023-2024 school year is $3,750.  Families can select from three options to pay the set tuition with the first payment due on August 15 for all options.  All tuition payments are processed through the FACTS tuition management system. The FACTS system is located on our district website under the Operational Services tab, or by clicking here

    At any point throughout the school year, the district will contact any families that do not honor their tuition commitment to determine if unpredictable circumstances (e.g., serious illness of a parent, homelessness, loss of a job) have impacted their ability to make tuition payments. In these cases, an alternative payment option or student transition to half-day kindergarten may be arranged.