Elementary Summer Reading Program

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    Elementary School Summer Reading 2019

    Like last year, elementary students will not be given a list of required books to read. Our emphasis will continue to be on students reading as much as they can and choosing their own books. The following are tips to help encourage your summer reader!

    Summer Reading Goals

    • Students will create a Summer Reading Plan with teachers before school ends.
    • Students will read often this summer.
    • Students will choose their own books.
    • Students will share their reading experiences with classmates in September.

    Finding the "Just Right Book"

    • As students are picking books that are "just right" for them, they should be able to read comfortably without getting frustrated.
    • Using the "5 Finger Rule" is helpful: If there are more than 5 words on a page that your child cannot read, it's too hard for them.
    • Summer reading should be fun and flexible. Reading easier books is also beneficial because it builds fluency.
    • Don't forget reading aloud: Even older children enjoy being read to.

    Suggestions for Reading Over Summer Break

    • Carry a book with you everywhere
    • Connect with authors over Twitter
    • If traveling, pack a special bag for books and magazines
    • Play family games like Apples to Apples, Boggle, or Scattergories
    • Surf the Web and read age-appropriate Web sites
    • Explore audio books and listen to them in the car or on a handheld device
    • Participate in the Norwel Public Library Summer Reading Program