Elementary Summer Reading Program

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    New Requirements for Elementary School Summer Reading 2017-18

    This summer, Norwell is taking a different approach to elementary summer reading and changing from our past "one-book-per-grade" expectations. After surveying parents, teachers, and students, and after looking at both research on summer reading and the programs of nearby towns as models, a summer reading committee came together to launch a program that is flexible and fun and that meets the interests and needs of all our students. In an overall effort to create lifelong readers, we aim to encourage and guide students to simply read whatever they want during the summer, and to read as much as they can. Click here to read the Summer Reading 2017 letter going home in June. Also, please click through this Web site to find book suggestions and guidance on reading levels.

    In the fall, each teacher will be celebrating summer reading accomplishments and experiences in the beginning of the school year with their class.

    Find out about your child's summer reading plan here...