Birch Tree


    Kindergarten Cows

    Kindergarten learned about what a cow looks like and the significant details that make a cow look like a cow. The first step was to draw the cow, paint it, and then paint the background. They learned painting techniques such as how to mix colors. They also took a day to practice drawing the cow.


    First Grade Cupcakes

    First grade is learning about cupcakes and alternating colors in a pattern. They also learned about shadows and how light changes the way a shadow falls on an object.  It was also a challenge to alternate the frosting colors from pink to blue. But look at the results.    


    Second Grade Chameleon

    Second grade is learning about lions and their habitats. They learned how to draw a lions head and used paint for the mane and face. 


    Third Grade Cake

    Third grade is working on Cakes. They were introduced to the works of Wayne Thiebaud, a cake artist. This lesson also taught students about fractions.




     Fourth Grade

    Fourth grade worked on a lesson about birch trees. They discovered that if you place the trees in different areas of the painting, you can create near and far perspective.

    Birch tree

    Fifth Grade Robots

    Fifth grade is working on 3 - D robots. They learned that a 3 - Dimentional object has length, depth, width and height. They began by drawing a box in different positions. Then created the body of the robot. They had to paint the robot in several shades of gray. 


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