• October 2016

    Posted by Nicole Pedro on 10/12/2016 9:00:00 AM

    Hello Readers!

    When thinking about reading with your student(s) at home it helps to first think about yourself as a reader. Below will find a Reading Habits Survey that will hopefully help get you started. I also included my responses to the survey that will serve as both an model and a give you an insight into who I am as a reader. You could even use some of these questions around the dinner table tonight! 

    Happy Reading, Dr. Pedro

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    Reading Habits Survey

    (Adapted from Beers & Probst, 2013)


    • How often do you read each day? I try and read each day, usually before bed...more often than not, however a fall asleep after one page.


    • Do you usually read printed texts or digital texts? If digital texts, do you use an e-reader? I use the Kindle ap on my phone. I have an actual Kindle but rarely use it.


    • How is reading with an e-reader different from reading printed books? I like the feel of printed books and I like that you can see how much of the book you have read and how much you have left to read. With e-readers, I like that you can highlight the text on your device and also see how many other people have highlighted particular parts. I also like you can simply click on a word to get a definition.


    • What sort of material do you read online or on an e-reader or mobile device? Is this different than what you chose to read in print? Read mostly novels when I do use an e-reader. Once, I did try and use and e-reader to read a magazine and I did not care for it.


    • Do you read any blogs or Websites on a regular basis? If the answer is yes, how large a part of your reading life are they? I do not really read any blogs on a regular basis but I am forever googling things.


    • Do you use any social bookmarking sites to communicate with others about what you are reading? How have these sites changed how you think about what you are reading? I have never used a social bookmarking site to communicate with others about reading…hopefully this will be a start!


    • Have you read anything that includes other types of media (video) as part of the story? Other than reading a current events story online that has a video clip embedded in it, I have not personally read anything that includes other types of media, however, I know there are textbooks that have these features.


    • Do you listen to audiobooks? Do you consider this reading? When I was commuting the city I would listen to audiobooks. I do consider this reading.


    • What do you think are the major challenges of online reading? The print is sometimes small and I have to make sure my device is charged. Whereas, if I have a book in my purse, I can just take it out and read whenever, wherever


    • What are you curious about when it comes to reading today? I am always curious about how people make sense of texts they are reading and how we can create more authentic reading, writing and talking experiences for children in school.


    • Have you talked about these issues with your student(s)? If not, will you start? As part of my job, I have these conversations with students all time...however if I am honest, I am not sure I have these conversations enough with my children at home. Yes, I will start….or try to :).


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